Diletta Innocenti Fagni was born in Florence in 1988. She started studying art during high school and later decided to continue her studies in Rome. She graduated from the University of Rome in art, theater and film. Her work draws on mnemonic images and visual resources as starting points, looking for intimacy, emotions and identity, between present and past, real and unreal. She mostly paints portraits and bodies captured in private moments, seeking the evocative power of images. Innocenti Fagni’s intimate portraiture utilizes impressionistic hues with soft, warm and sensual brushstrokes celebrating femininity of women, their beauty, elegance and strength and exploring relationships, psychologies, feelings, connected to memories and dreams. She lives and works between Rome and Tuscany.

Solo exhibition 

2022 Viewing Room – Artsy / Art Preview gallery, Italy

2020 In my feelings / Albe Art Gallery – Emirati Arabi Uniti, United Arab Emirates 

Group exhibitions 

2021 La Voce del Corpo / OnArt Gallery – Florence, Italy

2021 Arte na Quarentena / Mostra Museu – Sao Paulo, Brazil 

2020 Create because we care / Big Screen Plaza – New York, United States 

2020 International Plastic Arts and Mixed Media / Osmaniye Korkut Ata University – Osmaniye, Turkey 

2020 Social Distancing / Piano Craft Gallery – Boston, United States 

2020 L’Art au temps du coronavirus / Ecomusée Voltaire – Geneve, Switzerland 

2020 Quarantine / The Curators – Paris, France 

2020 Togetherness / The Brick Lane Gallery London – Londra, United Kingdom 


2021 Create! Art Magazine – Capturing Private Moments With Figurative Painter Diletta Innocenti Fagni

2021 Altiba9 – Contemporary Art Magazine – 10 Questions with Diletta Innocenti Fagni

2021 Il Corriere della Sera – Cultura

2021 The Guide Artists Magazine – Issue 46

2021 Artmagazineium – April Issue

2021 MVIBEmagazine – Issue 16.1 Art 

2021 The Huts Magazine – Issue 2 

2020 Flea Circus – Little Victories, Volume 01

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