La Voce del Corpo | ONART Gallery

Firenze, Opening 19th June 2021 Il Corriere della Sera | Cultura Diletta Innocenti Fagni è un’artista fiorentina: è attrice cinematografica, ma ha la passione per i quadri. Da qualche anno ha iniziato a dipingere: i suoi lavori sono stati esposti nel Regno Unito, Francia, Svizzera, Stati Uniti e Turchia. Da sabato prossimo e fino alContinue reading “La Voce del Corpo | ONART Gallery”

Mostra Museu In the beginning, it was nothing. When the pandemic gave its first signs, the world stopped and we were all paralyzed. Nothing is established. But from it, a light was made. The sunlight that rises every day, but also the light propagated by technology, which, like a neural connection, made electricity run through theContinue reading “Mostra Museu”

Create because we care | New York City

Collective exhibition: Each day during this pandemic, many of us across New York City and the world unite at 7PM to #ClapForOurCarers and #ClapBecauseWeCare to show support for our incredible health care and essential workers. Inspired by this movement, we at Big Screen Plaza have started #CreateBecauseWeCare, a public art contest to broadcast all-day messagesContinue reading “Create because we care | New York City”

Uplifting Boost | Collective Exhibition

Collective Exhibition – Opening 6th June 2020 Uplifting Boost Exhibition We would like to invite you all to stroll along art from around the world created by amazing artists who have been creating during lockdown as well as their journeys and what art has meant for them. We consider all these artists to be aContinue reading “Uplifting Boost | Collective Exhibition”

“L’Art au temps du coronavirus” Ecomusée Voltaire | Genève

Exposition virtuelle collective – Vernissage le jeudi 30 avril Suite à l’appel à projets lancé en ligne et sur les réseaux sociaux le 31 mars dernier, l’API présente les œuvres sélectionnées pour l’exposition intitulée L’art au temps du coronavirus dans son espace virtuel reprenant la grande salle sise au 25 rue du Vuache à Genève. LaContinue reading ““L’Art au temps du coronavirus” Ecomusée Voltaire | Genève”