Mostra Museu

In the beginning, it was nothing. When the pandemic gave its first signs, the world stopped and we were all paralyzed. Nothing is established. But from it, a light was made. The sunlight that rises every day, but also the light propagated by technology, which, like a neural connection, made electricity run through the robotic and human veins of all who lived during this unique moment of humanity on earth. What at first was paralyzed, then, started running and inspiring our inner microcosms – and then our exteriors. Thus, art, culture and creative production were developed in several areas in 2020. 

This was also how the Mostra Museu started. If before, it was nothing, it was built from the electrifying creative wave that boosted the Internet during this period and ultimately showed the total brightness of the human mind. Those who considered themselves artists or not, created. And a little of what we saw being born in such a fatal year has come together and now shows its face in a hybrid project, which mixes technology, presence and, of course, art.

Communication and human mobility go hand in hand once again. What begins in the field of ideas is now found at bus stops, subways and trains; in QR Codes and in images that invade our cell phones. Creations that were produced during this fateful year come together and flow into the light. 

The choice of works produced by different artists, whether they are related to plastic arts, graphic design, cinema, or animation, was also made by others. All of whom felt the quarantine deep in their skin and survived the 365 days of the 2020 year that has since come to an end. What is controversial, however, is that physically 2020 may be over, but not without leaving a trace of productivity carried out in isolation and that continues. The air that blew so much in 2020 also brought us the creativity to reinvent ourselves. Now, 2021 begins with a uniting of art around the world in a sensitive project that sews this sinuous plot that has created a starting point to our own transformation.

The Mostra Museu: Arte na Quarentena unites art, music, and technology to bring together the public, artworks, and artists on the project’s multimedia platform and in an open air exhibition.

Structured as a hybrid project – online and offline – Mostra Museu brings together worldwide visual artworks and Brazilian music production in order to spotlight the artistic production carried out during the social isolation period imposed on us all by the pandemic. In addition, it calls on us to reflect on the feelings and perceptions that we are experiencing.

For the visual arts axis, the Mostra Museu received applications via an open call for artwork produced on or after March 12, 2020 – the day that was declared a state of public calamity by WHO (World Health Organization). Artworks were submitted in two final formats: video and image – which represent different mediums: digital creations, drawings, graphic designs, paintings, photography, graffiti, visual poetry, video art, collages, installations, performances, body art, and other hybrid pieces.

The final selection was made by the curatorship of Mostra Museu, composed of Ana Carolina Ralston and The Covid Art Museum (CAM). This process was carried out in two stages: the first selection came from the CAM collection and the second came from the projects submitted on our platforms in response to the open call.

There were more than 1,200 entries from 40 different countries. About 200 artworks were selected from these entries and the selected artists sent short video testimonies describing their creation processes during the pandemic and their artistic vision.

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